Empathy and Bias reflection

During the last month, in my global studies class i was introduced to the first topic of the course which is “Empathy and Bias ”. To start with, I initially got familiar with how to use a blog to write posts like this and how to use Slack application in order to stay in touch with my professor and class mates and that’s how we kicked of the topic.My first post was about my Alternative CV which made me express myself in a different and new way, as I had to choose the certain words and criteria that I feel they describe me the most.I found that so much fun and I linked it with something that I like which is the “Fifa” game.

Then, moving on with the real work. I learned the perciption of Africans in the eyes of the rest of the world and how these ideas and views are imbeded in the minds of people through “dont ask me where I am from” ( Ted Talk), beside the ted talk by chimamanda ngozi adichie” danger of a single story” which also made me think how I might be similar to those people in the eyes of the world as I am from Africa as well. These two talks made me wonder what do foreign people think when they know that I am Egyptian ( they might think that I live near the pyramids and I ride a camel to university everyday for instance!?). They also made me take care of the”Biased” ideas I create in my mind based on very few information that I know about other people .

Away from this , another thing that I learned was how to use “Hypothesis” a website for annotation. My first thing there was Dr.Maha Bali’s article which helped me to learn the concept behind the difference between digital literacy, skills and fluency. Her video explaining these concepts was so helpful too as she gave brief examples that made understanding the idea of each title easier for me .

Then came Lina Mounzer’s article” War in translation: giving voice to the women of syria” which had much more touch points than just “Empathy”. Take it from a person who is not really into reading, the article was awesomely written, had lots of emotions and it really touched my heart. The way it’s written and the descriptions there as well as the explanations provided by the author to facilitate understanding what’s happening , everything was just perfect about it and gave me a deep view of the Syrian refugee cases.

Finally , the Digital games we played in class had much to do with empathy and I enjoyed them so much, yet I will reflect on them in the coming post.




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