Digital Games Reflection

The idea of these digital games as a whole interested me so much, as it’s a new way of learning that makes a person understand the situation, the concepts and know new information that sticks to the head through putting themselves in others shoe to get a sense of what things feel like in the case of others and under the umbrella of the topic we are studying. Here are some points about the games I played…


For this game I was supposed to be a father who just got a low income job and hence a tight budget for the rest of the month and the goal is to survive to day 30. I like this game the most as its aligned with today’s financial situations in Egypt and its essential to feel how others struggle through it. It was also capturing for me as a business student when it gets to how to divide your financial and what’s worth spending and what’s not. Each answer I made decided my next step or direction in the game and the feeling of its challenges was engaging.On the other hand, the one thing I did not like about the game was upon your choices it may redirect to Facebook or Twitter and then it shuts down. I felt that this was a turn off for me as I wanted to continue with the choices I made.The game made me feel others struggle, how you may sacrifice your health issue to save money, how to prioritize your spendings and above all how it feels when you really want to respond to your children’s needs,yet you don’t have the capabilities.The game also has interesting facts about some percentages like ; people who ignore their health status and what risks does this result in, children who get bullied at schools. For their financial situation, how employers may deal with absence for work etc..

I really like the game, would put it above all the rest and Ive even recommended it to some friends who played it and liked it too.

Syrian Refugee:

This game was about putting yourself in the shoe of a Syrian refugee who is trying to escape the situation in Syria and go to another country for better life and your first decision is to go either through Turkey or Egypt and either by boat or through land.I liked here how your decisions decide your destiny and may lead your to different paths.Also, how it made me feel the amount of pain and struggle refugees go through as I honestly never thought about it that much. For me the game was so good, yet it was not as “spent” due to my interests and preference . I did not lean much from the games information facts, yet I learned about the Refugee’s path, what they have to face , the choices they have to make and to what these choices might lead.

Domestic Abuse:

In this game I was supposed to be a married women who gets abused by her husband and act upon different situations. I liked the topic and the concept behind the game as I know this problem is still prevalent in our Egyptian society (specially in the lower socioeconomic classes). I did not like couple of things about the game as; using so intense examples, having illogical options to choose from or having few option , it did not have different paths according to my choice and i felt that i am reaching for nothing at the end of this game. The game made my sympathize with women who get abused and have the urge to encourage everyone to work and be self depended so she can sustain her life in case she needs to get a divorce .I felt that the game’s strongest point was to raise awareness about this issue and to provide some facts and percentages about domestic abuse specially in Egypt( I did not think it was THAT prevalent)

Sleep Deprived Mom:

Here I was to put my self in a sleep deprived mother’s shoe. The game puts you in some situations where you have to choose between sleep or getting the task done ( for 7 days) .I played this game to get a sense of the amount of pain and struggle my mom and every mother goes through for sake of her children.I liked the concept behind this game and its length was good too. What i did not like about it is that again it did not have different scenarios based and whatever your chose you will be directed to the same path.The game made me get a sense of being a parent as I will choose always to fulfill my children’s needs over sleep.However, I wont choose things as reading a book or meeting a friend over sleep and getting some rest. The game made me learn more situations that a mother goes through as mothers usually suffer in silence and they never show the impacts of the burdens they have.

Street Sweeper:

In this you is a street sweeper and you get to deal with some situations that street sweepers face everyday. I like that the game is like the first two games in terms of having different scenario scenarios based on your choices. The situations that were mentioned were so real and that made me get a sense of what’s the situation might be like in case as this. i also like the length of the game ( not being to long) as long games might start to get boring after some questions. I think the game was very good and nothing about it was a point out. The game urged me to sympathize with street sweepers more and more by taking care of my actions that might affect them negatively. The game had good facts as the street sweeper’s salary, working hours and conditions which I did not know much about before playing the game.

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