Game final Draft:

-Game description :

Our Game is about being privileged in Egypt either by being wealthy (in terms being of a high social class and having enough money) or by being powerful (by having strong connections and being able to reach what you want using your power) .The purpose of this game is to direct the players to make the right decisions when asked for help. It aims to shed light on the crucial situations that people may regularly face which allows them to wonder whether this decision is an act of kindness that will go a long way or is it an act that stimulates further corruption in the society. The players get to choose either 1-MONEY or 2-POWER which leads them to different paths. There are various scenarios for each path with different consequences for each choice the player makes.

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Game Topic

Game topic:

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-Game progress and changes:

At first along with my colleague ( Mariam Ibrahim ) we worked together to develop the main idea for the game , the identities we will have and how we can get to have two different paths of being privileged and help others . Then for our first draft we successfully developed our scenarios and we had different situations between “Money” and “Power”.  Also, we worked on making the mechanics of the game (the links between each slide and the other).However, we did not create consequences for the decisions taken which made our game’s useless and makes no sense as the player won’t learn anything from playing . Accordingly, for our second draft we worked on the consequences as we created many different consequences for each decision the player makes and of course we had to re-work all the mechanics(the links) for the game again. Finally, for the final draft we had to fix minor things as we had a problem for some players with the links and how the game proceeds when the make certain decision, yet the solution for this was that the player has to click exactly on the choice they make to proceed to the correct consequence, not just click anywhere in the page or even close to their decision, so we added a “note” mentioning this at the beginning of the game . Also, we tried to work on the wording of some questions to make it easier for the player to understand and take their decision and we added links to the images we used in the game.

If we had more time maybe we would like to learn how we can add a sound track for the game so we can provide a better atmosphere for the player. Also we may have tried to create other  automatic consequences based on calculating the remaining money for those who choose the “money” path or court decisions for those who choose the “power” path.

The most important thing i learned while creating the game is the mechanics of creating the game as i found this to be so interesting (I CAN CREATE A GAME!) . Other than this through our research for the different consequences that result form the decisions for each scenario, I learned the following: 1- The park assistance we find on the streets are illegal and can be taken to jail if an action against them is taken. 2- The Fuel Station worker’s wages mainly depend on the tips 3- We should not pay someone extra money (tips) for doing his/her job as they are already being paid for it and like this we are encouraging them not to do their job perfectly if they are not being extra paid 4- Your use of power might severely hurt another person who was not in equation of your decision at the first place .

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