Do Not Track

For the “Do Not Track” documentary, I was most interested in the cookies topic titled “Breaking AD” episode 2 , as I wanted to know more about them and how they work so I started with it. It started with explaining that the European directive insists that websites must ask their consumers whether they want to accept cookies that track them or not, yet its not really an option for the consumers, as some websites wont let you proceed without cookies.Then it discussed that as number of internet users increased massively over the years, companies saw an opportunity to advertise over the internet. On the other hand, website owner saw the benefit coming from this to make money. Yet,websites wanted a strong competitive advantage over other media sources like the TV or the Radio, so they thought making ads more personalized through the use of cookies is the answer.I did not know who actually the cookies thing work, fortunately it was explained in the video.A cookie basically works as a tracker that notices you when you visit a website so it can recognize you the next time you come back.However, third parties as people you do not (hackers) for instance, may  still want to track you, so they end up also putting cookies on your machine to track you through these websites without you noticing. In the video it was mentioned too the “Double click” law suit that happened due to the start of illegal use of cookies, before it became legal and other companies as google for example started to use it.What I didn’t know was that Facebook is making almost 10 $ by selling my data to advertisers!

After that i was attracted by the 6th episode because of it’s title “Daily ME” , so I wanted to know what its talking about. It started by discussing how many people nowadays only depend on certain social platforms or websites to get their news from, they no longer use news papers for example.Then it explained how it works when you use a certain web sites that has certain kind of news and with the use of certain algorithms, other similar websites are suggested for you. These similar websites have similar content that reinforces your believes, gives what you want to see and gets up hooked up in certain area. They basically work as editorial decisions.So, you are just exposed to news the you like and their similarities , yet you will not be able to now about other things in the world and you will end being in a bubble! I liked the example that was provided in the video so much. It was about  how the Israeli  people living in Israel only get news they like and similar to their media or websites they use,  so they end up actually not seeing the other perspective of the world about their Israel defense forces violations for instance.In a nut shell, the purpose that companies do so  is to keep consumers stay on these websites and never leave. they do not to incorrectly inform their audience of what is really happening.


Finally I watched episode 4 titled” The Spy in my Pocket “. The episode made me so uncomfortable and since then I am totally convinced that my phone is really a little spy who i voluntarily carry with me everywhere. The video presenter said that she installed an app on her mobile to it warns here if her data is shared by other apps, yet that made me think, this app itself is spying on the other apps and accordingly its also spying on you again! It was mentioned then how some apps require an access for our contacts for example and they provided “Angry Birds” game as an example. They require an access for your contacts so they can suggest new friends, however they also use your contacts information for other purpose and they sell it for advertises.Then comes the part where they discussed location tracking through different methods by various apps so they know where you go, what you like according to your number of visits and even what you may need regularly. Adding to this, the use of WiFi networks was discussed and how WiFi networks can track you just by enabling your WiFi on your device. It was interesting for me to know that Facebook is offering free WiFi in hotels, but only if you log in using your Facebook account so they can access all the data they need about your stay. Finally, it was shocking for me to know that some apps can access  your pictures which lets them know even more information about you as the places you go, things your participate in and things you do.To conclude, carrying you smart phone nowadays or even using the internet at all is basically as if your standing naked in front of the whole world!



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