Contribute Activity

My activity will be about “Equity” and trying to deliver the idea of this theme though a small in class game which will give its participants a sense of not only what equity means but how it really feels too. Students can reflect after that about their experience and how they felt when playing this game.

Game discerption:

The game moderator will be having a pack of chocolates and he will ask the students to get out a piece of paper, shape it like a ball and everyone from his place without moving must try to through his paper and get it into the rubbish bin. All students will have the opportunity to through once equally, however as students will be located in different parts in the room, some will be privileged being so near to the bin and they can easily get their paper in and win the chocolate, yet others who are in further locations might struggle and some might not be even able to view the bin.

The purpose behind this game is to show the difference between equality and equity and how providing the same resources for everyone is different from giving each person what they need to provide everyone with equal opportunity.

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