Final Reflection

It’s the end of the semester and that is basically a reflection of my experience thought the “Digital Literacy” course. I found it to be a unique and joyful experience where i learned new things in a different way ( More Fun) than the usual courses I take at university. Thanks to the active group I was in, our enthusiastic professor and our hot conversations over different topics .Three most important things I learned in the course are:

1. The good amount of information I gained from playing the “Digital Games” were very beneficial , besides, how to create a simple digital game by myself was something I never thought about and never thought I can do

2. The four steps to check for fake news which are:

  • 1-checking previous work
  • 2-Find the original source of information
  • 3-Read about the topic on other more trusted sites
  • 4-Use what is learned from the better informed research.

3. Privacy problems, how cookies work, how companies can track what we do on the internet and more

4. What helped you learn them
For the first point, it was playing others games to get a sense of how our game should be like , the explanation session were the mechanics of creating the game were explained and finally, trying to do it myself and taking my time  to receive feedback and create further adjustments.

As for the Four Steps to check for fake news, it was the small article we read in class and  class activities that made us practice what we learned and try it out ourselves on the spot.

Finally, the “Do not track” website was what made me learn the most about the privacy topic and its different aspects. I found the videos there to be very interesting and beneficial

All in all I think it was a very nice course and nothing really should be removed from it. Maybe adding more videos or a “movie” about digital literacy  or technology in general would be something nice to have and interesting for the students to.Also,  to learn how people use programs like Photoshop for example and how they use this content in the digital world.I like the idea of the “Self Assessment”, it is great to be honest with yourself, give the professor an idea about how you evaluate your performance and get to reach an agreement about what you actually deserve.

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